Adea Company and CPA-CFO Growth Partners Form Strategic Alliance to Offer Comprehensive Business Solutions Across LATAM

AUSTIN, TX – Adea Company, a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, has announced a strategic alliance with CPA-CFO Growth Partners, a licensed public accounting firm based in Austin. This collaboration aims to deliver a full spectrum of services to small businesses in Latin America, combining traditional financial services with innovative technological solutions. The partnership’s primary focus is to provide tailor-made BPO solutions and advanced financial services, offering regional businesses a seamless transition to cloud-based infrastructures and offshore operations.

In a move to set new industry standards and establish itself as a global innovator, Adea Company, founded by industry veteran CEO John Regan, has expanded into the Latin American market. The company has rapidly emerged as a leading solution for early-stage businesses seeking to outsource and offshore their administrative and back-office operations. Leveraging its global network of financial experts, Adea delivers an extensive range of services, including bookkeeping, fractional CFO, remote accounting, financial statement preparation, general ledger management, financial analysis, budgeting, cash flow management, and strategic financial planning.

“Latin America is a vibrant ecosystem teeming with startups and mid-market businesses,” Regan highlights. “Our strategic expansion into this market is a testament to our commitment to harness our industry knowledge, language fluency, and nearshoring capabilities to offer Adea’s comprehensive financial services to this dynamic region.”

Adea Company’s capabilities are further strengthened by the new strategic alliance with CPA-CFO Growth Partners. This partnership allows Adea Company to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing traditional CPA services alongside their cutting-edge BPO offerings. CPA-CFO Growth Partners brings their financial expertise and industry knowledge to the table, perfectly complementing the strengths of Adea Company. Together, they are well-equipped to provide clients with a wide range of financial solutions and deliver exceptional value.

As part of its expansion strategy, Adea Company has also incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies into its operations. These advanced technologies facilitate more efficient content management, enabling clients to extract valuable insights from complex documents and data, streamlining their business processes.

Looking ahead, Adea Company and CPA-CFO Growth Partners plan to continue their efforts in bolstering their presence in Latin America. Their shared vision is to extend cost-effective BPO services, including bookkeeping, fractional CFO, and other outsourcing solutions, to small and mid-sized businesses in the region. Moreover, both firms aim to contribute to the regional economy by organizing virtual events and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

The collaborative efforts of Adea Company and CPA-CFO Growth Partners mark the dawn of a new era in LATAM’s business ecosystem. By offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that seamlessly blend strategic guidance with financial expertise, this strategic alliance is poised to empower businesses across the region to thrive in an increasingly competitive global market.

As LATAM continues to position itself as a hub for innovation and growth, the synergistic partnership between Adea Company and CPA-CFO Growth Partners underscores the importance of holistic support for businesses aiming to seize new opportunities and overcome challenges. Through this alliance, the vision of a more robust, dynamic, and prosperous business landscape in LATAM becomes all the more attainable.

To learn more about the comprehensive suite of BPO services, nearshoring solutions, and advanced financial services offered by Adea Company and CPA-CFO Growth Partners, please contact John Regan via email at [email protected], call at 800-598-9790, or visit and