Merging Talent with Opportunity

While talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. At AdeaCompany we’re committed to bridging this gap. We’re a global talent network connecting companies and business owners with highly skilled accountants like yourself.

Why AdeaCompany?

At AdeaCompany, we’re committed to your success. We sign you up with long time clients, connecting you to a vibrant global community while at the same time providing resources and mentorship to help your professional advancement.

Long-Term Opportunities

At AdeaCompany, we're focused on finding you rewarding, long-term roles where you can hone your skills and grow your career.

Competitive Recompensation

Our mission is to find you the right opportunity at a salary that reflects your expertise and your skills, with opportunity for additional benefits .

Career Training and Advice

With profile reviews and verification, role matching, rate guidance, and more, our team is focused on your long-term career growth.

Brilliant Role Matching

Our team leverages human expertise as well as smart matching automation to match you with long-lasting, rewarding roles at innovative companies.

Professional Flexibility

We work with you to identify the right client role for you based on work schedule, stacks, team dynamics, and overall best fit.

Professional Growth Opportunities

AdeaCompany provides educational discounts, exclusive events, varied course formats and exposure to scholarships .

AdeaCompany by the Numbers

At AdeaCompany, you don’t have to worry about finding the right talent as our platform connects you with experienced remote talent, so you can focus on building your product and scaling your business.
of placed accountants report an improved quality of life
0 %
of Adeans join for career growth opportunities or exposure to international companies
0 %
of AdeaCompany accountants who have been with us for over a year report increased take home pay
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Work From Anywhere When You Work With AdeaCompany

We believe that great ideas are not limited to any particular location. We are a remote workforce and we plan to stay that way. From Algiers to Abu Dhabi, São Paulo to Suez, and Bogotá to Bucharest, our global accounting team makes an impact wherever they’re based. We’re also leading the charge in a larger global trend toward remote work.

97% of people who started working remotely as a result of the pandemic would choose to continue to do so for the rest of their career, even if it was just part-time.

How to Get Started

Nervous? Don’t be! AdeaCompany has found roles for thousands of people across the globe. Here is a breakdown of how to get started.



Register to join the AdeaCompany Talent Network at :


English Proficiency Exam

If English is not your native language, determine your command of English with automated, AI-powered tools.

Technical Challenge


Demonstrate your technical ability by solving an accounting challenge created by an expert.


Technical Interview

Talk through real world business case exercise.


Personalized Matching

Get matched to the best cultural and technical fit opportunities.

Merging Talent with opportunity

The AdeaCompany Learning Community was created to offer training and guidance for accountants at all stages of their careers. To date, over 100,000+ accountants globally have participated in our AdeaCompany Learning Community programs. From this program, many accountants have gone on to join the AdeaCompany Talent Network, mentor others, and continue to grow as leaders in their fields.